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KOS laboratory was born in 1986 and it currently produces more than 400 products intended for sale through herbalist’s shops, pharmacies and health food stores. The wide range of items into production at the moment and the over thirty years in business constitute a wealth of experience and knowledge difficult to equal. It is only through the experience that the best raw materials suppliers and the best quality/price ratio can be selected.

It is still through experience that the production processes can be optimized in order to achieve a proper cost containment. Moreover, the experience is the one that allows formulating specific solutions by balancing and dosing the elements, always considering previous results in order to obtain the best possible efficiency. In conclusion, a thirty-year-old experience, in a world that travels at such an high speed, forms an utterly convincing package. Each stage of production takes role inside the plant. This means to mantain a complete control in every phase of the process, from planning to raw materials selection, production and final packaging.

KOS does not entrust to third parties any stage of processing. The presence of a printing press even allows the company to print in its own all the materials, in order to acquire an exceptional speed in marketing and current legislation adjustment. KOS is a partner of extreme reliability in terms of:

KOS s.r.l. is authorised to the production and packaging of dietary, herbal and apiary products with “Health (Sanitary) Authorisation No 29/01” released from the district (municipality) of Carmignano on 02/22/2001, authorised to the production and packaging of dietary supplements with “Authorisation No1/98” released from Ministry of Health on 02/03/1998, and “Regulation EC IT AIP090 50” released from the district of Carmignano on 12/14/2017; KOS s.r.l. is awaiting of “G.M.P. (Good Manifacturing Practice) certification”.


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The raw materials used, coming from certified and qualified (at EU level) suppliers, are guaranteed free from pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), bacterial and fungal contamination. Each stage of processing is controlled according to the HACCP procedures.

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