KOS laboratory of herbal products

KOS laboratory was born in 1986 and it currently produces more than 300 products intended for sale through herbalist's shops, pharmacies and health food stores. The wide range of items into production at the moment and the over thirty years in business constitute a wealth of experience and knowledge difficult to equal.

About Us

KOS, laboratory of herbal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics, has been a reference point in the world of herbal medicines for over thirty years. Empower your brand with KOS Lab's private label herbal solutions. Explore our range of customized products and enhance your brand's offerings.

Constantly on the cutting edge of the research and marketing of new vegetable principles, KOS has collected a sequence of enviable records which have allowed the company to become the first one to propose new solutions in the herbal sector. A careful and constant research that highlights the innovative role of the company in the whole herbal industry. KOS laboratory does not make use of other companies’ work but produces everything inside its plant starting from selected raw materials. Customize your brand's herbal solutions with KOS Lab's private label services. Explore our expertise and unlock new possibilities for your brand.

There is nothing more important than your natural well-being. With the right supplements, you can provide your body with everything it needs to feel its best every day!

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